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Domestic Lift is a functional lift designed, developed and manufactured in South Africa by M.I. Lifting. It is capable of transporting three people and large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and attendant. Domestic Lift finds many applications in private homes, churches, and doctor's consulting rooms - in fact, anywhere the need exists to vertically transport disabled or elderly people.
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Expensive building modifications are avoided particularly in existing buildings. Special sizes to suit existing building are easily catered for - car entrances may be arranged on any or all three sides. Enjoy complete freedom and movement throughout your home.
Domestic Lift can be fitted where there is an intermediate landing, after a static load calculation (flats on two or more levels, penthouse and roof-garden).

The Domestic Lift has been developed especially for elevator applications in the transportation of the frail, aged, disabled and the domestic applications. This lift has been manufactured to the best practices and safety regulations and operates the motor at its best efficiency, reducing heat emission thus the size of the motor is minimized, therefore reducing the overall load on the machine room. The Domestic Lift can be installed with many options as to the position of the machine room.

The vast experience in manufacture and applications gathered over the years benefits our clients in the form of consistently high levels of quality and flexibility in the production of special, custom-made Domestic Lifts. It can be fitted on the inside or the outside of the building in its own shaft made in masonry or in a metallic structure that we produce.

The recently developed interior drive controller allows the unit to operate on standard household 15-amp outlet, while allowing a smooth transition to operating speeds on start-up and slow down. Simple and safe to operate the winding unit can be installed in any convenient position. Conforms to the requirements of The Machinery and Occupational Safety Regulations (subject to exemptions).

Standard specifications | Recent projects


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